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Field Fabrication

Very often it is necessary to adapt to the conditions on a job site. Welding gives you the ability to design, fabricate and install bus in real time when conditions on a project change. This leads to less downtime for construction crews and is more cost effective for the customer.

Copy of alumwirewayboot6.jpg

What We Do

  • Custom fabricate cable wireway boots

  • Custom fabricate necessary parts when needed

  • Weld and install bus and fittings as per engineered drawings

  • Resolve problems as they arise


  • Ability to fabricate and assemble on site

  • Less downtime for outages

  • Adapt to changing field conditions

  • Field modifications as needed

  • More cost effective for our customers to be able to field modify on site


About our Customers

  • Are accustomed to our ability to field fabricate on site which leads to less downtime and cost savings to the customer

  • Like that we are flexible and can quickly adapt to construction site conditions

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