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Bus Bending

Lanz Industrial Welding is unique in that we can provide you the advantage of bus bending on your job site. From the correction of an elevation difference to the ability to make a complex connection from a distribution rack to substation equipment with one continuous piece of bus, providing a smoother transition as well as saving you time and money.


What We Do

  • Ability to bend 1/2" to 5" bus

  • Calculate elevation and compound angles.

  • Design, bend and lay out as needed.

  • Calculate distances for phase to ground and phase to phase clearances.

Other aluminum welding specialty services:​

Wire Jumpers    Switch Yards    Distribution Racks


  • Continuous bus run with smoother transition in elevations.

  • Fewer fittings required, for a cost savings on parts and labor.

  • Faster and easier assembly for a better quality finished product.

  • Less chance of corona


About Our Customers

  • Are very satisfied with the finished products

  • And, with our skills and abilities to layout and bend any transition needed

  • Lanz Industrial's ability to work with a variety of contractors and their scheduling

  • Teamwork - successful teamwork to achieve common goals

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