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Shop Fabrication

We are often contracted to assemble a variety of similar parts and pieces for the construction of power substations.  With our fully equipped welding facility, large quantities can be assembled and fabricated by our highly skilled certified welders.  Quality and craftsmanship is a top priority.


What We Do

  • Assemble a variety of substation parts and pieces

  • Prefabrication of substation parts for faster and easier assembly in the field including:

    • Cable Wireway Boots​​

    • Wire Jumpers

    • Underground Cable Bus Connections

  • Package substation capabilities​


  • Faster field assembly

  • Less downtime in the field

  • Cost savings for our customers

  • Built to customer designs and specifications 


Our Work

  • Faster and easier assembly once on site.

  • Creating less downtime which equivalates to cost savings to the customer

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