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Steel Welding

It is often necessary to make steel welds and modifications on construction sites due to changing conditions. Steel modifications and seismic upgrade welding are often required in substation construction.   


What We Do

  • Seismic tie-down of transformers

  • Transformer tap changer installation

  • Steel modification of yard structures when needed

  • Steel repair of existing structures 

  • Repair of leaking transformers

  • Custom modifications of pedestals and towers


  • Ability to fabricate customer designs on site.

  • Modifications no longer need to be returned to the manufacturer. 

  • Repairs can be done immediately on site.

  • Cost savings of time and labor

  • Reduction of downtime for the customer


About our Customers

  • Our customers Like that we are able to weld both steel and aluminum - both in our facility and onsite.

  • Our certifications allow us the ability to complete a large variety of welding services in high voltage power substations.   

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