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Distribution Racks

Distribution racks are an essential component for the distribution of power to the end customer. They are often compact and difficult to assemble, requiring skilled lay out, bus bending and fit up.


What We Do

  • Lay out of Bus

  • Bus Bending as needed

  • Cut and fit up of Bus

  • Custom installation and welding as per drawings, including the ability to adapt to design changes in the field.

Other aluminum welding specialty services:​

Bus Bending    Switch Yards    Wire Jumpers   


  • Continues piece of bus

  • Less fittings required when bus can be bent 

  • Faster and easier assembly

  • Uniformity and consistent


Our Work

  • Overall better finished product and customer satisfaction

  • Ability to travel to remote locations bringing our fully equipped welding units and certified welders to all job sites.  

  • In addition to Northwest states, our service territory includes California, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, and Idaho.

  • We continue to grow and expand our service territory.   Give us a call to discuss your needs.

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