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Switch Yards

Switch Yards are an essential component for transmitting power. They are often larger in size than a distribution rack and higher voltage, requiring skilled lay out, coordination and high aerial work.


What We Do

  • Layout of the job

  • Coordination of material and equipment

  • Assemble all necessary bus and fittings

  • Perform a high quality of craftsmanship

  • Experience working in switch yards ranging from 115kv, 230kv and 500kv switch yards

Other aluminum welding specialty services:​

Bus Bending     Wire Jumpers     Distribution Racks

  • It is a fully bonded, electrical connection

  • It is a proven stronger seismic connection 

  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced certified aluminum welders

  • Less chance of corona

Our Work

  • Overall better finished product and customer satisfaction

  • Ability to travel to remote locations bringing our fully equipped welding units and certified welders to all job sites.  

  • In additional to Northwest states, our service territory includes California, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, and Idaho.

  • We continue to grow and expand our service territories.   Give us a call to discuss your needs.

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